'Eye-Scream TV' Unmade Pilot Episode
Retinae Films - Mid 2010 http://eyescreamtv.blogspot.com
Development on Animated Segments

'Boturs Fight Squad' Character Profiles
Michael Botur - Mid 2010 ongoing  http://squadblog.tumblr.com/

'Deal Shrimp' Deal-Site Aggregator
BenEBoy IT LTD - Early 2010 http://www.dealshrimp.co.nz
Mascot Design

'Michael John Shadbolt' Short Film
Click Here to Watch Film

'Hallucination in the Dark' Student Film
Eason Lin - Mid-Late 2009
End Credit Concept work and Animation test  
(not used in final film)

'Incredibly Strange Television' MGM Channel Programming Block
Incredibly Strange NZ - Late 2008
Animated Bumper Submission (not used on television)
Click here to watch

'Korero Ki Nga Karerehe' Maori Language Childrens show
Tangata Whenua Television - Late 2007
Animation Assistant

Personal Projects

"An Eye for an Aye-Aye" Student film - Incomplete
Freelance Animation School - Release Date: 2010
Director / Animator

Last Updated October 30, 2012